Louis COMPLETLY unaware of four creatures stalking him.


The monster to right standing too straight…needs to be slouched.

I will do that the moment it has physics!

Looks good
Hes like :confused:

Mad confused.

Where’s the fourth one?


oh! There he is.

Louis looks kind of smug.

I’d be really on edge

Must be the Pills.

Here’s a new challenge, I’m in the picture. You’ve found the four creatures, can you find me? :smug:

arent you the one thats crouching

Inexistant faceposing?

The guy behind the guy thats crouching or the guy who’s crouching.wut?

You won!

Nice Dark

of course the nigger is ignorant of everything.

way to be racist op.

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Delicious ban on the way.

(User was banned for this post ("Predicting moderation" - Uberslug))

hey man, im just using racism to expose how racist the OP is

Oh of course.

ever heard of irony?

Silly Louis :dance: