Louis enjoying Nick's... kiss on the neck?


INB4 gaybow

Before that "Optimistic guy comes in and says I took his idea, I was the first to do gay poses like this!

Good to see you back in the business, dem.

Its raining gaybows.

This is wrong. But honestly Louis’ face is good.

Chocolate rain + this thread = increasing amount of rainbows.



The worsest thing about the picture is that he actually did it right.
Oh my god.

:barf: Why did I click


Guilty as charged when it comes to videogame characters

Curiosity killed the cat.


Question, should I have “chocolate rain” or “caramelldansen” as the thread music?

Chocolate rain.

Thread music added.

And my wood

Interesting. Tell me more.

Well see, I had multiple tabs open, and thought lemme click the newest screenie in the screenshot section.
Goodbye woody.

Then it started to come back and I saw your avatar :ohdear:

“Let me suck that boomer bile from your open wound.”

Interesting. Tell me more.