Louis gets into CounterStrike!

Very VERY basic first Gmod video (or is ‘slideshow’ the word I’m looking for?)

Watch in HQ.

This video also reminded me how hard posing can be. This is the first posing I’ve done in MONTHS.

not bad at all

Come on, more opinions?

I’ve seen a few videos like this done before. Good effort, though.

Need the next, it’s well done.

Well, now that I finally got everything I wanted to work, I’m actually gonna make a number of videoed bits. Might remake parts of this with actual motion.

What I will tell you, is that from a number-of-ragdolls point of view, the opening to said video is going to be on a big scale.

It’s actually quite good.

Haha, cool.

How did you get him to say Counter Strike? :s

Nice. Smooth and has a plot, although its getting quite old

Done a few other times, but nice job.

soundfile. used sometimes when he picks up an uzi.

I love that quote you used at the end.

o cool

One of the three lines he can say when he picks up the Uzi is ‘Oh man, this is just like Counterstrike!’.

Lol nice job. How do you get the sounds that people say out of games? I been trying to get combine sounds forever!

For Left 4 Dead, you can just grab em out of the folder.
For other games, you’ll need to extract them from the GCF using GCFscape, which is found here.

you shouldmake more