Louis gets shot up by Combine!!!

My first attempt at editing blood and muzzle flashes. As you can see, I failed. Anyways, Enjoy the pic (or not)

P.S. Wow, The blood is brighter than i thought!


OH GOD NOT LOUIS WHY!!! :crying:
have a palette!

I like it :smiley:



Thanks guys. I guess I was being pessimistic for no reason. :slight_smile:

Hey not bad. I like it. Have a artistic. That gun model Louis is dropping, Do you remember where you found it?

Heres the link.

There is alot of weapons in there ^^

Access denied code? Seems like link is broken.

^ the link works for me so it must be you.

Hey Rastifan, try this one then.

Thanks for the link Gyrodine.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

You turn the bloom way down and stop raping your pictures with contrast. How many times do I need to give this critique until you listen?

Hes not dead! Give him pills and he’ll come back!

The blood is really good.
But the contrast rape ruins it.

Agreed on the contrast rape. Blood looks good, but a little bright. And I like the muzzle flashes.
Artistic for you :smiley: