Louis getting executed by a Witch

First try at something like this, dang this shit is hard.

Awesome, well made.

Your posing has no emotion; no sense of motion. Kind of kills it.

The posing really lacks realistic momentum in the last two pictures.

Yeah you are right, Im used to those generic standing around poses, I better work on my posing.

Visually it’s awesome but the posing is weird.

Reminds me of getting killed by the Pack in Dead Space 2.

I like the depth of field.

Thats exactly were I got the idea from actually, I wanted to create something more original instead of close ups of various shit happening, so I thought of an execution kill for every Special Infected and Id pull it off like this in 4-6 frames.

Too bad the first one is rather shit but oh well you learn from mistakes.


Lighting and editing ingeneral is great. The scene is also great and the depth of field is awesome too.
The posing needs to be less stiff (already been mentioned).

Problem is the Witch’s torso and right arm don’t turn at all when she’s swinging left her arm. I think that’s the main reason for the lack of movement.

Oh god, Im still laughing at this, thanks for making my day!

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It was funny but it wasn’t THAT funny.

i Like is Very Very Very Goodmade

Yeah I know, normally I never laugh at stuff I see on the Internet but for some reason that just cracked me up.

I never meant that you should never laugh, I just mean that it shouldn’t really make you laugh that much. (The way you described it makes it seem that you laughed a lot)

Yeah, I dont know why, just really made me laugh. Must have looked dumb but whatever heh.

Someone’s been playing Dead Space?

I really like the Multiplayer