Louis gives birth to Ellis

“Deploying an Ellis!”


This gave me an erection.

Only a madman would not get hard over this.

But I am a Halflambada not a madmanmad.

I thought I said you would have to be insane to NOT get a boner over this.

vocalize playerdeath


What? Louis got a womb in his head? That means his mouth is a vagina.

In which he shoves pills most vigorously into.

Ahahaha. Nice to see you posing again, Dems.



Hey, it’s not as bad as I expected!

You are weird.

all i see is art in its most pure and beautiful form

All I see is another “0MG S0 R4nDum Gu1s3!!!one!!eleven!!11twenty” screenshot with crappy posing.

Thank you. Yes, I understand many people have thrived to achieve my beauty to this very minute, but it was in fact, a very simple attempt for me.

I can understand it being difficult for the rest of you to attempt to achieve my beauty, but one day, some people will finally figure it out that it doesn’t take this much stressful thinking to pull this look off.

You would be happy to hear we have put the popular DemonicLemon on the job, we all look forward to his remedy, and I look forward to hearing the staff’s excuses for why they couldn’t do it themselves.

Thank you, for your patience.

A challenger appears.


You fucked up chronologically, sottaly, Bill gives birth to Coach, not vice versa.



Time travel was uncreated when the zombies ate the tools, so there is a problem.