Louis got the wrong Pillz.

I played L4D a lot recently.

The awesome thing that’s going on in Louis’s mind

Don’t open untill the song is at 0:27 and the awesome music starts!!!1!


Comment for louis!

Fun fact:
** Photoshop almost crashed due to all the effects**

Awesome :smiley:

I lol’d after following your instructions

The music made me high on it’s own.

Haha very very nice… But how the hell did you know about that crazy ass song! haha

I knew 'bout it because of WoW.
A friend of mine showed me all WoW dances, funny 'nuff the Draeni’s dance was Tunak Tunak Tun (The song)

It also had music and showed the names of the songs.

I wish I could feel like that.

Just get some LSD or marihuana.
You’ll be like that then.

This pills may contain Indian marijuana and the music of Tunak Tunak Tun, so please, don’t be addicted like Louis. This music is not so bad.

Louis’ expression looks hilarious. Hearing the “Tunak Tunak Tun” music made this almost twice as funny.

Excellent. Music completes this perfectly.

So… beautiful…


I want what hes having! Excellent picture and points for originality, I love it lol.

I thought this was gonna be a stupid viagra joke. Boy was I wrong. Nice job.

I lol’ed hard

This seems to be liked :v:

I think I should do more of these “Original” Ideas, I usually just stack 'em up somewhere and forget about them.

Love it.

Normally I’m not a fan of the whole “pills here” Louis fad but this was done in an epic way! I did what you said and waited until 0:27 and it did not disappoint.

Epic! The song made it twice as funny

1 More for the epic 20x funny!

I’m not going to rate myself :3:

Also Chesty’s comment seems missing from my collection :dance: