Louis heard something...

Well I tried…


atleast you did.

Lil bit critism would be nice.

Good gun pose, but why is he cross eyed?

Holy Fuck.
His Eyes…
My god I am such an ass.
How could I miss that?

Its quite good that he has cross eyes,he looking like so scared

Lol woot?
Well thank you but I think they ruin the picture.

I agree, it gives him a scared look. They might look weird but they didnt fucked the pic.(Not that much :v:)
Nice blur and nice pose btw.

could be wrong but it looks like hes looking to the left with both eyes and not crossed… Maybe its just me, great pic man!

Thanks for your critism guys.
Really tought the pictures sux balls :smug:

I’ve made a little edit with the original, the combine say I should post it here…

http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/2606/gmbigcity0023kopie.jpg http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/gmbigcity0023kopie.jpg/1/w1440.png

What do you think, which one is better? ask the_Combine ^^


Oh no, hunter!

Holy Shit I laughed my fucking ass off at his eyes. :v:
He looks like he’s Shitting himself. XD

Funny’d… I nearly pissed myself.

Lol, hes sooooo black :smiley:

So the picture is good not dumb?

It is good, the eyes are a special weird touch :smiley:

And which edit is better?
Mine or Dikeys one?

Dikey’s pic has an ugly orange light :S and Louis eye’s look like he is gonna cry.

I like yours more :stuck_out_tongue: With crazy eyes and all :smiley:


Dikey’s pic is way too bright.

Good to know :smiley:
Well any tipps on how to improve it?