Louis I was only joking about burning the pills!

30 second thread music

Louis: Grrrrrrrr!
Francis: Louis, stop I was only joking about burning your pills! SMOKER!!! LOUIS!!!

Now before you view the image I must warn you before you post, I know that the finger posing for Louis is messed up, his thumb wont move… Its like stuck or something… And the clipping issue with Francis and his arm. Also the gun hes holding is a deagle… I used CSS weapons and a CSS map because I believe that they come close to the L4D style…


C&C please…

Louis and Pills meme… meh
The film grain doesnt really fit in the picture.
Blur is hurting my eyes.

But the posing isnt that bad.
Just go on youre getting better.

Posing is a bit stiff, and the grain ruins it completely.

Tell me where posing is stiff so I can make improvements and next time I wont use grain. I thought that 5 percent grain was enough to make it look better. Oh well…

the fingerpose on louis looks weird as shit (left hand)
looks like he holds the gun with only his fingertips

I already said that I know about the finger posing, theres nothing I can do to fix it…