Louis is a "Superstar"

Thread music:


-Louis found some new friends
-Ignore his British Hat

stiff posing on the black shirted black guy, racist undertones, gnome flying helicopter

Not sure what you mean by that

well you got two black guys looking angry and some calm white guy on the piano, what’re they doing there anyway?

Louis is now a hippity hoppity artist, and what’s your problem with gnomes? They can drive cabs and trains.

louis is wearing a hat too


Jo boi am lewis an im a kul rapa

I lold so hard. Have some smile.

Angry black people and calm white guy on piano is racist undertones? Facepalms. Please inform the world what we must do to complete the specter of political correctness.

For the pic. Posing is stiff.

seriously, what are they doing on a roof with a piano guy though?

Rapping what else?

Low budget music video :smug:

oh ofc, and the gnome is the low budget pilot amrite?

No hes a badass mothafucka which can drive helicopters.

I thought it looked kinda cute don’t ya think?

wtf gnome in a helicoper :3:

kinda weird, heh.

Why is Louis wearing a Britain hat while he other friend over there is wearing a New York Jacket?

Because I don’t know how to skin

I’m suppose to be stiff remember? I’m a gangster.