Louis is fed up with having to iron his clothes


I don’t know why, but I like having l4d+l4d2 characters fighting eachother :v:


I love it.


And i thought that her face was made with shovel.

Best let him go to the bar and have some pills

Rochelle’s eye look uh… Weird for anyone else?

Louis’ face makes the picture brilliant.


Haha, his face is amazing.

Louis needs some chill pills.

women abuse!

After all, it would have been Rochelles duty to do it… NOT BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN, but because how horrible she is in L4D2…

Finger posing could use some work, but still. It’s funny.

faceposing on louis made me laugh


“Bitch needs a little more IRON in her diet!”

Posing needs some work, but your faceposing is great.

I love how Rochelle’s pupils are almost all the way pointing upwards, I also love everything else.