Louis Jumps off a VTOL to Save Zoey who's captor has driven off a cliff.


i tried to do dodge/burn lighting effects for the first time

That’s pretty damned awesome.
for some reason I am reminded of Indiana Jones

yeah, that was partial inspiration

The camera angle is a little unexciting, especially considering the badass concept of the picture. Contrast is also too harsh for my taste.

Nice explosions, posing and faceposing though.

that looks really good.

G36 in one hand and a big assed revolver in the other, Luis is a bad-ass.

Is it just me or is the picture not loading… All I get is an x

tavor actually :smug:

  1. Why is the VTOL exploding?
  2. If the VTOL explodes, and she’s falling off a cliff, how is Louis jumping from the exploding VTOL going to save her?
  3. Where’s the cliff? It looks like they’re just falling into what seems to be water below them.
  4. Why do I still find this so damn epic? :v:

Damn epic

Louis is a suicidal bad ass.


It’s those pills

Fucking. Awesome.

A new level in badassery.

Pretty senseless but who the fuck cares.
Its still mothafuckin epic.

that lighting is awesome.

its pretty awesome but i cant really see whats gooing on on the background

Kinda remeniscient of Ace Rimmer. Sans the crocodile surfing.

I first thought that Zoey was wearing the cowboy hat.

thanks for the comments, everyone, i haven’t pumped out a good screenshot and a while

it’s good to be back :madmax: