Louis lost his pills.

And he wants them back!

I admit, I could have added more to the picture.

This is pretty awesome.

Francis looks stiff and you should turn on the Anti-Aliasing.

@Joazz I’ll leave the Picture the way it is

I like it, Good work on the Pose, could have used some smoothing though. Honestly I would leave it as is and make a different one later. 8/10 From me

Needs AA. Dumb faceposing. Bad map choice. As Joazzz said, Francis looks stiff.


And oh, never use in-game blood.

…and I give a crap on how the map looks?

You don’t, but we do. If you want people to like your stuff, you will have to accept the criticism and improve.

Oh, and my username has three Z’s.

Joazzz, you should have a go at the same thing, I’d love to see what you come up with! :3:

Why the fuck have you even bothered posting then? Learn to take the criticism or get out.

Woah rage


Not saying it’s a bad thing, cause you speak the truth

The truth?.. you can’t HANDLE the truth!

No but really. We don’t need people posting here responding with “yeah well I don’t care what you thing”. It goes against the whole point of posting stuff on forums.

Stiff?! Stiff as a board!
No really, AA is required, Francis looks like like a 16-bit image back there.

It’s allways louis and pills, it’s so freaking unoriginal.

If you subtract pixels from this screenshot and tone down AA, it will look as if you are taking a screenshot in DooM 1.

This picture looks like FT’s butt.

Why can’t the kids just ditch this meme?

Because those pills have a side-effect, addiction.

Let’s see where do I start.
Turn up the graphics.
Don’t use in-game blood.

If you can suggest a different type of blood that I can get, then speak up boy!