Louis, Scout, and Dr. Hax playing Counter-Strike Source

What’ll happen?

Watch it in SD:

Watch it in HD:


the hax joke died a long time ago

From shitty videos that abuse it at wrong terrible moments.

To me this appears as a couple memes;terrible memes.

That’s your opinion and probably others.

OP doesn’t have any Steam friends so he plays with bots.

I have plenty just didn’t care to get any to join. Besides no need for insulting [sp]flaming[/sp].

bots suck

they cant move for shit

That is true. Plus I made it when everyone on my friends list (who isn’t on ‘snooze’ or ‘busy’ etc. mode) was at school or in bed or just wasn’t on.

Plus the video isn’t about bots so stop trying to go off topic from the video.

I hope this is a troll video…
Because you put like 0 effort into this video, and whats with the screen editing? Especially breen’s screen.

Better then what I could do.

Which isn’t saying much because I don’t make movies.

ITT: OP rates everybody dumb for criticising his zero effort movie.

No, I don’t rate.

It was pretty cool, but only in the end.
The first part was just like, you playing some Counter - Strike.
I gave it 2 out of 5 on youtube.

Music is too loud; no originality at all (overused Louis-pills and Dr. Hax memes); need to resize the screens better (monitors have borders).