Louis shoots a zombie Edit + Original

I haven’t posted or posed anything in awhile so, it’s kinda rusty to me, and I can’t edit that well. So, here goes.




Both the muzzleflash and the blood look pretty… weird. The blood is splattering from everywhere and the flash is flat and misaligned. The angle isn’t too good either, but you haven’t posed in a good while so I understand.

I couldn’t find any good muzzle flash references and I also couldn’t find a tutorial for making them in a pinch.

New layer, solid white brush, draw blob, soft-edged smudge at maybe 30-50%, fiddle with the blob, apply internal/external glow as needed. Huzzah! You just made a muzzleflash.

I’ll work on that. Thanks, Rossum.

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Nevermind, I figured it out.

Hey I’m bumping this with my miserable wanna-be Urbanator edit


I’m yet to master blood editing

I think I’ll have a go aswell, if you don’t mind.
Joazzz, too much glow from the muzzle IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

The radial-blur is also visable…

Radial blur? Where?

the blood on his forehead, looks like you made blood, and used radialblur to blur it in the correct direction… Oh well, stuff moves like that anyway…
The blood would need bright red highlights :wink:

Much better than what I got.

eh i use an older method then i guess

download a muzzle flash pack and use emitter

i’m pretty sure muzzle flashes don’t glow like the sun anyways otherwise i’d be blind

The posing is nice, editing needs some work.

i’m pretty sure muzzle flashes don’t glow like the sun anyways because a lot of people would be blind

it just looks cooler when they glow