Louis standing around in the dark(Dodge and burning practise)

Well because people told me Dodge and Burning highly improves the quality of a picture I tried it.
C&C please(just on the Lightning)




He looks sticky


He does.

Hmm agree he looks kinda wet.

provide the original and we all can compare the differences.
right now we can’t see which places are dodged or burned.


also, dodging and burning doesn’t mean that the picture will be higher quality. it’s the way you use it

Yeah. Dodging and Burning is for lighting.

He looks sweaty. And can we blame him? I like it.

Did you cut louis out and stick him on a black background? the arms have sharp edges, whats that line across his neck? it’s ok i suppose

I added the Original.
Yes I gave him a black background cause a background wasnt needed.
I hope I used dodge and burning correct.

oh so just because he’s black he has to sweat

:wtc: are you talking about?

i dont really see what you did with it exept make it brighter…

Dodging and burning bro.
Source Engine cant make shadows like this.

When I said “He looks sweaty. Can we blame him?” I meant he’s been slaughtering zombies and shit for hours, you’d be worked too. I like the original better though, the light follows the normal maps much better.

too bad the original looks better
you made a once-over on the parts that were already shadows and highlights, completely ruining what was already there. what’s so impressive about that? all you did was make the preexisting lighting more pronounced; he just looks like he’s really sweaty

Thanks ccritical.
Lol I failed at burning.