Louis watching Zoey sleep.

She was breathing lightly, he could feel it. As Zoey slept, he wondered what would become of the world. Was this the end? Is this how they would spend their final days? Trapped here? He held her closer, fighting back tears. He looked at her. She didn’t need this in her life, but it happened. He thought of his family, the family that he once had now gone forever. Zoey was all he had now, he had to protect her, but he knew that sooner or later the infected would get in. This was the end…and there was nothing they could do about it.

She’s dead


Fear57 you are a scary person.

I have to agree with Slug, although, it is nice to see how much your improving, high five :smiley:

A lot.

shes near his crotch you know what that means…
god this emote is useful.

I expected something much more comical.

Am I the only one who doesn’t see this as a pervy or creepy pose? I actually like it, the posing is really solid. I just think the camera angle could be better.

:buddy: No, you’re not the only one. Trolls just don’t read the story and play the music.

I pretty much closed the music as its title says “Gothic”

And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere cooooome the dumb ratings!

Nah, I like it. Just the title made me think of it differently.

Kinda creepy.

Fear, Im finding you very creppy now

I’d like to view this as an artistic piece, but…
it’s creepy.

Great posing, looks really natural man.

Twilight creepy pedophile? Wow, Edward Sparkle pants is LOUIS!? YES I HAVE A REASON TO KILL LOUIS!

Any who, Zoey is getting awfully close to Louis’s crotch.

Bow wow wow wow!

This would be a cute pic if Zoey wasn’t so hot :v:

Yawn. Your poses are boring.