Love 4 All - L4D inspired screenshots.

First Pose/scene creation in a LONG time. Sucks.
Third pose/scene creation. Alright…
Feel free to nit pick it. The first one sucks, I realize… But I’m interested as to what you’ll say about the second.

You really need to work on your map selection.

And lighting… Along with posing and angles. Also, fix your envmaps. Honestly, 1/10 in my book. This was terrible. Another thing, whats up with the name? This has nothing to do with love.

Not enough contrast. Just by messing with the brightness and contrast roughly, I made it look like this.

Obviously my name has nothing to do with love… I realize that it now must require serious explanation in order to even be looked at. All well.

Aie wan to shar pictar on tiwtter!!!11!!11!!11111!!!

(Use or which I think is down right now)