Love At First Sight resized.jpg

Holy shit, it’s amazing.

Its great, but, why is Prophet wearing such an outfit?

Cause it’s not Prophet.

Solid work, man. I’ve come to expect nothing less from you.

I guess I’m just wondering his motive behind using what looks a lot like the nanosuit with that outfit.
Its awesome regardless, great posing, lighting, solid environment.

It’s a personal skin, that’s why

Fair enough. -shrug-

eugh that grass

Stop making me struggle, I can never decide between “Artistic” or “Winner” for you. There should be an “Artistinner” tag just for your threads.

you’re trying to act like TheMask doesn’t exist but i see through your schemes

Saw this on DA, pretty amazing. Bonus is great too.

-Also, because I feel this is obligatory, that can’t possibly be Tina because she’s not nearly busty enough, heh.

You ever heard of headhacking? It doesn’t also switch boobies.

Curses! Foiled again!

Yes, that’s why it’s called headhacking and not boobiehacking.

So why did you say it couldn’t have been her? Because she wasn’t busty.

Sarcasm is just wrong on the internet. Don’t use it.

We could always pressure the mods for a new rating. :slight_smile:

That Assassin’s Creed/Crysis armour mix looks excellent!

I really like this. Well done.

Where did you get the model for the guy from I Am Alive in the bottom picture?

classic ryu gi