Love at first sight


I’m most likely the only person who can understand what I’ve done here. Interpret it in the manner that satisfies you.

MAY 3RD, 2010: looking back on this, I don’t understand what the hell I have done. Oh well. Whatever.

was the best gmod movie i Ever see i think. :smiley:

they always say that…


anyways the camera angles were brilliant. clearly shown their emotions.

I know what it means… Shes a lucky girl max.

Damn this is pure art, fav’d and saved in my ‘to be remembered forever’ .txt file.

can i be a machinima??

That was extremely good

oh agoat, oh you silly goldie

of course you can, but computer software doesn’t exist biologically, SO NO YOU CAN’T YOU FUCKING IDIOT

Max is mean :o

he is french, what do you expect.

I thought it was pretty good. You clearly are an expert at Sony Vegas, as your fantastic visual effects reflect that. Maybe working on the actual direction a tiny bit more would have made it make sense to us others out there, but direction aside it was very well-made.

you do realize he made this for a specific person right?
it is a style of directing when you leave the viewer to interpret it.

No, I didn’t see anywhere where he said that…

And anyways, it was not a matter of interpretation, I just personally thought that some of the directing made it unclear what was happening. There was nothing that stuck out (aside from the gorgeous visuals) that made it original or fun to watch (aside from the visual orgasms). I DID like the video, but I didn’t feel that he expressed the style of interpretation well enough, it just came out as fgsfds.

Great video

I knew I recognized the music used in the video. Mass Effect ftw!

The music went real well for a ME2 theme. The video was nice and vivid, has a nice feel to it with the music well.

I don’t get why it snowed at parts.

Brilliant camerawork. Overall, professionally executed. Well done!

This video was actually targeted at the person which I am currently hooked up with, you see

Again shes a lucky gal.