Love At First Sight

The most forbidden of all loves; a black man and a fictional anime chick who is a figment of his own imagination.

I like the idea; but don’t use anime ragdolls for something like this unless everything is anime.

The pose on the black male could be done better, for example, his arm grabbing her arm or back. He could also have some face posing, unless he is corner’d by a girl he likes, and then make a surprised face.

Also, if you’re trying to pose them kissing each other, remember to noclip each other, and pose them, with some face-posing by chance too.

Looks good if this is you’re first try. Just try to remember those tips I gave you, and you are on your way to becoming an excellent poser. ;]

Love at first sight, damn obvious it’s a dream from a distance, since it’s a generic anime slut.

Oh my god I lold.


Its supposted to be a anime chick, its his dream =P

i prefer dreaming about real chicks…

Zoom in the camera and work on the posing.

Why dream? You poor boy.