love day ♥


Made me sad.
Really really sad. The picture is nice though.

Awesome…just…sniff …awesome.

How is it sad? I find it quite joyful.

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Also it’s just bloody amazing.

Dunno doesnt really suit my mood.

It indeed looks amazing compared to the original, his graphics are like super low.

noone loves me :<

disagree to make my day

the shadow on Ellis’ face looks unnatural and the flowers look a bit flat but otherwise I like it

Valentines day is about the candy

Happy fucking Valentinesday the worst fucking holiday ever. :suicide:

“Buttsex is not bad, y’know…”

Not pictured: sea of zombies about to rip them into little mushy pieces

Not sure if it’s just me but it appears there are two suns. Zoey’s shadow is in a different direction.

Doesn’t bother me though. DOUBLE SUN POWWWEEERRRRR


forever alone

Feeling like “just need someone to take care…”

i aint got candy D=

Fap day


Not pictured: The fact this is probably after the Zombie apocalypse. Even L4D zombies die if they don’t get their brains quickly enough.

It was a joke.