Love Garry and love this game, but I think he's really missing the mark on survival. :/

So without looking at my steam profile I believe I’ve logged 120-200hrs on this game, and I really really enjoy it… well aspects of it.

I feel like when it really comes down to it, this game is not a survival game, at best its a cheap version of COD. reasons?

I start the game like most, with a rock… collect some food get a small hut setup, raid some rad towns… end of a good day I have a m4 or at least a mp5 and a small base… life is pretty good, but here come the problems… Once you get setup like this, the rest of the game turns into COD.

Raiding someone elses base? M4 firefight, getting raided? M4 firefight, trying to loot a RAD town? M4 firefight… (i’m sure you can see where this is going)

Now yes, I know what all of you are going to say… and the A.D.D. people who haven’t read this far down will show their ignorance in their next comment. “BUT DEWM! this is just alpha!, and M4’s are just a place holder” true enough, but from everything I’ve read… they will 90% chance stay in the game in one fashion or another, and I believe they need to be removed from the game 100% and sooner then later.

Can skip this part if you want, but its just a snapshot of part of my game.

{Me and 4 friends started on a new server, we built up by metal hill right on the coast, down in the rocks. Seemed like a pretty safe place, so one day we were out gathering resources in the large field and someone sniped my buddy, “no prob…we’ll just go get him” and we did, we killed him and looted his body, well he came back with around 4 guys, and we got in a M4 firefight in the rocks…they got some lucky headshots and we ended up losing. They found our base (which was near by) and blew down the doors with C4… with us inside and Mp5’s we defended, but once again…we lost… and they looted the whole base}

Now do I think they didn’t play fair? no… do I think they were hacking? no. do I think I suck at FPS? no.

So why are you complaining Dewm?

Well… I wanted to play a fun survival game, which is 90% of this game… but if I wanted to play Call of Duty, I would play Call of Duty.

Do I want all weapons out of the game? no of course not, I think some guns like the pipe shotty, the bow etc… can be tons of fun. I just think that with combat being 70-80% of the game right now, they should focus on new weapons and get rid of these “placeholders”


Garry, please… we need an actual game. or at least a starter to a game. We can’t discuss anything on here because:

Map is placeholder
rad animals are placeholders
guns are placeholders
UI is placeholder

what part of the game is actually going to stay?

Last but not least, rubberbanding… wtf.

PC specs:
i7 960 3.2Ghz
Radeon 8750 1gb
24gb ram

I can run crysis 2 on full with 60fps
I can play league of legends at a steady 50ping, and 60fps

I get on a rust server with 60-80ping… boom rubber banding like a mofo.
I know a thread was already made about this, but I thought I’d throw it out there… its really annoying, and probably one of the main reasons I hate the FPS combat in this game. There is no way I could play COD or Halo with this rubberbanding. :confused:

“we need an actual game.”

The game’s in alpha. Come back in a year if you want an actual game. Rust right now is like a prototype that’s gotten too big for its britches, but it isn’t a “real game” yet because it’s missing tons of content and balance.

Also, your computer’s specs have nothing to do with rubberbanding, that’s server performance and Internet lag. Nobody ever rubberbanded for having not enough system RAM (you have plenty of RAM).

first off, if you had read the post you know that I acknowledge the fact its in alpha. But you can’t slow walk us along with the excuse of “everything is a placeholder”

2nd. I know ram has nothing to do with rubber banding, but more often then not people will answer ANY complaint about lag with “your comp is probably shit, get something better!” So by posting my specs up front I negate those stupid arguments.

AND if it is from “server performance” then why is it happening on EVERY server? I’ve been on probably 30+ now, and about 7 of them I’ve been a part of for 4+ days… and every single one of then rubber bands at one point or another.

(I have a 16mbps connection, and on average server I have 60-100ping) which is NOT high enough to create the 40ft rubber banding I get.)

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Couple ideas I have for making combat a little more interesting, and less Call of Duty…

remove M4’s, MP5’s, P250’s and 9mm

Change bolt action so its truly a single shot, then have to reload.
add real bullet time to bolt action so you have to lead your target

add other weapons that don’t have sights (spear/slingshot)

add defensive weapons that can be attached anywhere. (trip wires with grenades/shotties on the other end)

add knifes, and make mele more of standard combat. (if I was stuck naked on a island, i’m sure I’d make a spear/club long before I’d make a pipe shotty)

The firefights & ‘call of dutying’ if you will, is not because of the weapons (sure its easier with an automatic rifle compared to a bow but the incitament to ravage people is there nonetheless), people will still do these things with pipe-shotguns, crossbows, bows, spears, swords axes, rocks or whatever even if they remove the military weaponry.

What they need to do is to make it harder to craft & create other things such as food, shelter, clothing etc so that it will be more expensive and give no real time in ‘raiding’ & marauding randomly.

One thing to keep in mind with the development of a game is during alphas, features take longer to develop with good reason. Often times the game will lack the framework for many new features, and in addition to the framework, the actual feature will need time to be developed. However, once the framework is already in place, you will see subsequent additions come faster.

A lot of the “modern” weapons such as the M4’s were just generic unity engine assets. They are to be replaced, or (perhaps) only obtainable through drops.



Good points, And for reference I was a part of minecraft since its super early days, I’ve been a part of the DayZ alpha, I’ve been a part of 2 or 3 alphas for different MMO’s (including final fantasy 14 ) and I’ve been a part of Planetary annihilations alpha.

So I figure I’d “know what to expect” and when I bought this game, I knew it was in alpha…

But none of the alpha’s I’ve been a part of have passed off 70% of the game with “its just placeholders” I mean, on some stuff its aight… but literally 70% of the current build is “a placeholder” its just…almost amusing.

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I realise this, and I would enjoy a little bit more “grungy” combat, what I don’t enjoy are the 2headshot kills from 60ft away, or the full auto firefights from across a field…it just feel WAY more COD then “survival”


The bow is the weapon that shoot the farthest actually.

Play solo, takes usually 20-30 hours to get an m4 on a stable 80-100 pop server that is fresh.

Rust has placeholder content everywhere because, as a Unity game, it has access to all of the stock assets in the Unity store, and in an alpha, you just want systems to work. If the models are ugly, whatever, that’s not the concern of the moment.

Minecraft was built from scratch by Notch and didn’t have the luxury of stock assets to import for speed and efficiency during prototyping.

We’re at the foundation-building stage, not the “polish and perfect content” stage. Items right now can only be added by two coders on the team. The devs are working on a way to make that work a lot better, and to overhaul a lot of the fundamental systems, like the GUI. Read.

This is why I said “it’s alpha, calm your tits and be patient.” You’re getting too far ahead of the devs because your expectations are too high.

Rust isn’t meant to be fun right now, it’s meant to be tested so that it’s got a solid foundation going forward. If you’re playing Rust for fun, be aware that your desires and needs are secondary if not tertiary in the devs’ priorities.

Haha you love Garry!




Play on a server with built-in slower tech progression like the Omega server.

It’s nice playing on a server where people don’t have M4’s after less than a day of work. Lots of fights with revolvers and pipe shotguns - it’s quite enjoyable.

Link to server info:

Rust isn’t passing 70% of the game content off as being placeholders, though. It’s passing off possibly 5-10% of the game content as placeholders. Because that’s about how much of the total game content we currently have.

You’ve clearly never been in a hard alphas, bordering on pre-alpha. You’ve been in pretty alphas, bordering on betas. If you had taken ten minutes to watch some video or browse the forums you’d have known what you were in for.

At this point, saying that “70-80% of the game is PvP / CoD / BBQ / ETC” is silly because 70-80% of the game doesn’t exist. It’s like driving a project car with an engine and four wheels on a frame with a plywood body for proof of styling concepts and saying they need to replace the plywood body with the finalized parts. You can’t do it because the rest of the vehicle isn’t built under it yet. If you build it out of sequence you’re just making more work for yourself in the end by developing parts that won’t fit with the others in the end.

I still support the view that the problem with so many people having the same gun would be solved if we had more basic weapons to fill the transition between carrying a rock, to a pistol, to carrying a rifle. Which should eventually happen when they start adding weapons like swords, clubs, or crossbows, causing it to make sense for guns to be harder to craft and much more unobtainable, and relatively new players will still have it balanced enough so they’d have medium power weapons to defend themselves from the players with the best gear.

I also think ammunition for rifles should be much harder to craft, compared to ammunition for a pipe shotgun, or a pistol, for example considering how much of an advantage it gives you over players who don’t have these weapons, and how often they get used pointlessly on freshspawns.

Item deterioration was a good thing to add, because it means expensive and stolen gear will be much higher maintenance to something easy to replace like a bow.

Also this “game’s in alpha” response doesn’t make feedback any less valid; keeping in mind we are testing their game for them.

“Fill out content” is typically a beta goal, not an alpha goal. The devs are working on a new item system that they eventually intend on opening for public submissions, although they will be moderating and filtering the submissions and not just accepting everything that comes in. That’s going to start the process of filling out the content, and it’s one that will take time.

Your feedback is valid, but in some cases as much as a year ahead of itself.

Thank you for a toxic reply, and jumping to assumptions that you clearly know nothing about. Its really informative.
I’ve already listed SOME of the alpha’s I’ve been a part of, and if you knew anything about the early days of Minecraft alpha and/or Planetary annihilation then you would shut your pie hole, because child…you know not what you speak.

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Thank you for actually responding to the content of the thread, with more content. Better then I’ve gotten so far.

And I would agree 100% on the ammo situation. I don’t ever even craft ammo, why? because you can hit up a rad town or two and end up with 100 rounds of 556. Its way to easy to get.

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Where did you get this alpha/beta values? did you just make it up?

MMO alpha = fixing bugs
MMO beta = fixing bugs

DayZ alpha = adding features

minecraft alpha =adding features

planetary annihilation alpha = smoothing gameplay/adding features.

Did you just pull this alpha/beta definition out of your ass?

If you don’t like 90% of the game, then why are you playing it? Fighting people is part of surviving.

Here is an idea… go play Minecraft!!! Or go play WoW. when you die you get your stuff back.

Now stop whining and find a new game.

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You acknowledge it’s alpha and yet you don’t even understand this why shit is there

You expect people to take you seriously?

AGREE 100%

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Actually, I think pretty much everyone aside from yourself would agree that my reply was not toxic, aggressive, or insulting, all of which your reply happens to needlessly be.

Humorously enough, you accuse me of jumping to conclusions, but also of not knowing what I’m talking about which is quite the assumption on your part, I must say. I’ve participated in beta / alpha testing games and emulators for the last fourteen years, some of which weren’t even alpha to the point where they had fully functioning renderers and were barely capable of displaying wireframes at over 10fps. Compared to that Rust handles like a shiny new Ferrari.

If you were actually part of alphas as early as you claim then absolutely none of this would be new to you. Either that, or you complained about the placeholder content present in them when they were less than 10% completed as well. I honestly can’t imagine why you would continue to participate in alpha / beta testing if this were the case however, as it would be terrible for your blood pressure.

Of course, I notice you don’t actually dispute my analogy, so I am forced to assume from your lack of an actual response that you are unable to logically refute it.

Acknowledging the fact that it’s still in alpha does not make that any less of an argument. You bought the game with the wrong understanding of what to expect, as I’m sure a lot of people did.

We all want the game to have more features and become more unique with less placeholders but that’s just the stage the game is at right now and any amount of whining on the forum isn’t going to change it.

Patience is a virtue, so is shutting the fuck up and playing a different video game for a while. :zoid: