"Love is a Sunset"

Granted, it looks more like a thermonuclear war going on in the background, but hey, it’s artistc’ish…
This time I’m going to post the image in the thread, is there a way to “thumbnail” it, so that it’s not stretching the forums? Everything was done in game (except for the black bars, which I added in Photoshop :P)


Generally bad composition.
What you want to stray away from is one single focus point, it makes the picture mega boring and doesn’t capture attention at all.

No idea where you got that idea from.

i will prove u wrong

Well usually a bland object to start with isn’t reallllyyyy appealing, but if you have a complex human figure with details that stand out in different areas, or something else equally interesting.
but you have to make it so you will keep on looking at the standouts in a circle.

Fancy artistic attention grabbing.
I worded that the first one bad :v: