Love is Forever (Corny Name)

Yes, corny picture. Was a request (the filter-rape was a request, too).

ALSO!!! I got my anti-aliasing working in screenshots again! :smiley:

I like it. Different to be sure. Love the hand posing. Have artistic.

Bloom is a bit strong.

Ps! On a second note. It does fit the picture.

2 men holding hands. Cute.

Rochelle isn’t a man. Now stop hating.

That’s very good fingerposing - very realistic. I like this.

Hey thats actually pretty good.

this is gay

Nice flame.

Anyway, thanks to the above (discluding Bodenlan).

And one of my Steam friends asked me what the black blob in the corner is (bottom left). If you’re wondering that, then I’ll answer: It’s my dead body. I killed myself right when I took the picture.

This is gay??? If you are 12 perhaps. Here something different and pretty nice turns up, and people have to start that juvenile gay crap. Stop it already:argh:


Rastifan is my new best friend.

Kinda corny.

I noticed.

You know, normally I hate bloom with a fury and a passion, but you actually pulled off pretty well in this.

I’m also liking how simple it is…I’m not actually sure if further polishing would actually improve it, or if it’s just fine as it is.


I guess you can’t have threads without spammers…

Yea, boy did he spam your thread out.