Love is strange

Yeah, yeah. Hella amazeballs. Wowzers. Are you cereal. Release the kra-can. Step-douche and many other cringeworthy dialog aside, i still like that game.

Made in SFM.[/t]



They both look like they just came down off a 3-day crank bendor.


Meth my friend, lots of meth.
Not trying to diss the images of course, they’re quite nice.
But for some reason those models look like tweakers.

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Also judging by their proportions the game designers have no idea what a typical, healthy female should look like.
Seriously, they look anorexic.

Lighting is erotic, particularly the second pic. It’s interesting how lighting gives people boners.

Oh, uhh. I didn’t even aim for that :v:

If you had been, there’d be ugly grey highlights everywhere and you would have been from Denmark.

Fixed it 4 u

Are they running on the spot in the first one?

They’re running out of the room.

I am sorry to anyone from Denmark.