Love the game but...

As I said I love everything about this game when I am online and playing it. However logging in to find that your base has been raided and you are back to a rock is just crap. Please do something about this aspect of the game. I’ve tried the small house hidden in the hills and the 5 level place with 12 doors they busted open for my meager solo possessions. You can’t find ppl in game to join with as no one trusts anyone.

So all you pricks with tons of explosive charges stop targeting the small houses owned by people that can’t come back at you and go after the other big groups who also have tons of explosive charges!

Rant complete. Think I’ll check back in the beta.

You almost got this one right - make more small bases

Raiders know all the hidden spots of the game. Think like them, that way you will be able to hide your house on a safer place.

There are people you can trust, I randomly ran into a guy and we started helping each other, we have since moved server ~5 times and have multiple bases with many valuable items, you need to keep looking for someone to play with, and while playing solo make multiple bases and share your loot between them.

Our huge fortress just got raided and captured by cheaters (a bad start for the day).
But who cares.
That’s the game.
The only thing we can do is to search another server.
The cheats will become weaker once they reach the final.
So don’t give up. :v:

Edit: storm_rust you’re still not banned?
Thought they would do it after all your rate spam. :v:

I love builing bases and then try to get people to raid it. Most times I build just a foundation with 4 walls, one storage box inside (storage box contains exactly 1 stone) and then just mass this system. build several floors with that system. put big walls around it and then watch them waste their C4 on your troll house of C4 doom. last group wasted 27 C4 for exactly 12 stones. actually I was impressed that they destroyed almost every wall in the house xD

best tip is… build several bases with your loot split everywhere. if one gets raided you can fall back to other bases and continue. :slight_smile:

This reason is why a lot of people just don’t play

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Worse than being raided is being hacked. Two hackers named Omega and Agent Orange came on East Coast 3, said they were gonna delete all of our items, and they did.

All boxes, items, sleeping bags, beds were deleted. The buildings are still there though.

Garry sucks, Alpha is no excuse for major security loopholes. Alpha is an OK excuse only for missing textures, missing/buggy gameplay, etc.

Uhm… all those things are expected and commonplace in Alpha. The game is less than 10% done. you seem to think Alpha means “Open Beta” which is when the final tweaking and balancing happens.

If he is ratings spamming you, private message a mod and let them know.

To the OP, being raided is an integral part of the game whether you like it or not, it is what the game is based around. It is your responsibility to come up with the right strategy to keep raiders off.

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What major security loopholes? I’ve never seen any of those. Besides, who are you to define what alpha is?

(Google “Define Alpha Development.”)

In other words, alpha doesn’t mean anything specific other than it is unreleased software that works but is nowhere near completion. Rust works just fine but is nowhere near completion. Understand?

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy even being raided when I’m online. Once I fought them off, once I lost and once they stopped for my ore and they were all fun. It’s just that I can’t be online 12+ hours a day like some people and not being able to protect my base in any way is just crap.

Just use all your stuff so your base is almost always empty. That’s what I do :), they raid me once and realize I am poor and not worth it. I would rather lose my stuff getting shot in the face than sleeping at night. Yes I have farmed while wearing Kevlar :).

Get better at the game.