Rochelle looks really ugly.

Kinda freaky. It both looks good and blinds me at the same time.

The lighting and shading is very nice, and I’m partially glad that you didn’t use Zoey, who is more often then not, overused.

…but rochelle lol?
I mean, is that the best hair style valve could give her? Fuck.

Thank you for that shading appreciated.
Yes, now I realized that it was Rochelle is not the best version: D

You should have used Zoey…

[sub][sub][sub]There’s a thing between Ellis and Zoey[/sub][/sub][/sub] :smile:

I’d never tap that

eh, better than that african tribal hair she had during l4d2’s announcement trailer

Why did you make rochelle to look ugly?

Something is off on Rochelle’s faceposing

Rochelle looks like she is straining not to fart to ruin this lovely moment. At least it ain’t Zollis.

Something is off about Rochelle’s expression

Other than that it’s really good!.

Maybe she might puke? Maybe she had some bad Nacho cheese??

He looks kinda like he’s trying to perform occular surgery with his nose