Lovely Day

So peaceful… or is it?




I liked the first two then…LOL

Thanks. :v:

I love the water, lol and the funnies nice work man

What the fock…

I lol’d though :smiley:

I declare this thread

Nice. I had a laugh at the last pic :downs:

Nice editing.

Lol the blood is so bad.

By bad you mean badass. :smugdog:

Oh well.

Also rapid fire post.

LMAO! That’s fucking hilarious. Win. :smiley:

oh what the…


Is that a boat?

Looks like an F35 to me.

Oh, that’s gonna leave a mark.

I actually thought it was one of those ‘find the ________’ pictures before I scrolled down and saw there were more pictures after the first one and then I was just sad a little. Not for long, though.


… why are some of the trees covered in snow?

the jet’s editing is actually very nice…

Hahahaha, the first picture was so damn epic, I really didnt expect that.

lol worthy but the scene is quite nice