Lovely, I got banned.

So basically, I got banned for uploading a duplicate.

To be exact, this one
I’ve uploaded plenty of other stuff like this, some of which were incredibly popular You might have seen some of my stuff, before. And to be honest, it’s probably some of the better dupes you’ll ever see.

Apparently this tiny text at the bottom is meant to tell you that you WILL be instabanned for anything, no matter how good it is, that is a save, dupe or background.

If memory serves me correctly, you’ve said before pretty much, this stuff is allowed, deal with it and said you won’t ban people before. You’ve also put dupes up on anyone remember that massive airship that was on it?)

Seriously, you make a site for sharing creations, tell people it’s okay to upload dupes, then instaban users for uploading high quality dupes(or animated backgrounds).

I know right? The people who do absolutely no work on their shit get off the chain, and those who make high quality good shit get banned.

Great logic.

What’s the point of uploading duplicates anyways, what’s the point of having 2 of the same files on the same site.

People want dupes and people like to share their dupes, there’s no point in uploading LOL JEEP WITH SPEEDOMETER ON IT, but if it’s a dupe that had hours spent on it and beats many maps easily, why the hell not. And there isn’t 2 of it, there’s a much older version of that dupe in a pack I uploaded ages ago, but if you know that, you clearly downloaded that pack(So why are you asking what the point is in uploading dupes?)

I completely agree on this. I’ve seen plenty of great dupes before the majority of them were removed.

Did you miss the bit where it said not to upload adv duplicates. I didn’t put those rules there for a joke. They mean something. It doesn’t say “don’t upload adv duplicates unless they’re really really good”. It says don’t upload them.

This site is to share actual content, not text files.

Probably of unban = 1%

Did you miss the bit where it’s been officially said “dupes are allowed” and where you were busy putting dupes on
Also how is this not actual content, but a 3 second weapon that is nothing special and was made with a swep generator content? If advanced duplicator saved everything in .lua files, would advanced dupes suddenly be allowed?
And if you’re going to instaban people for uploading dupes, at least say you will, instead of giving the complete opposite message and just saying “oh by the way, please don’t upload those”

Did you miss the bit where I own the site

That doesn’t suddenly make you right, fair or correct; that just means you have the power to force your opinion in, and you seem to enjoy doing that, no matter how many people are banned in the process.

Make a banner on the homepage. D:

Might makes right!

Garry we know you wanted to eliminate the masses of useless backgrounds and the piles of dumb duplicates, but there are also stuff that we would die without (Drunken combine anyone?).

Instead of banning and removing anyone and anything related to adv dupe and acting “like a boss”, why don’t you a better system that deploys the community as the cleaning crew?
For instance, you could implement a voting system. Then later on you can check which dupes , backgrounds, or even actual content have very low rating, and then you can easily remove them with a single click.
Why can’t you take criticism seriously instead of acting “I’m da boss” ?

Here is where I think Garry’s logic is. is for Gmod content strictly but advanced duplications aren’t new content but reconstructions of old content… In addition, they only work for a addon called “advanced duplicator”. I think it is just as illegitimate to upload e2 scripts as it is to upload advanced dupes since it is content for an addon, not Gmod specifically.

Advanced duplications being text files can be uploaded in other places just as easily. For example, the Drunk Combine was first advertised on this forum, the advdupe could have been put in the main forum post instead of on

True but what about additions to very famous LUA scripts like ASS mod? People upload addons for that. I udnerstand where garry is comnig from and his logic, But a ban is a bit harsh.

Now some of us are unbanned! Thanks garry! :slight_smile:

Still banned.

What a surprise…

so why even allow advanced duplicator tool if duplicates is not allowed? and its so much stuff that is so bad that could deserve bans, but people that makes something good gets banned i dont get it and the site is to share contraptions, addons, maps etc so why not advanced duplicates why not background maps? it is stuff people have worked on to show other players.

but my guess is you dont want the site to be overloaded with crap and junk that is actually good.
i look on the site every day and much i see is crap and i mean CRAP!

im not a uploader myself but i think i know how it is to be banned for uploading something good.

oh i forgot what if the users want this stuff? what if the community want duplicates and backround maps?
you cant just say no and ban people that want this. if people want to share this they should be allowed and not get banned for it.
and if you dont want people to upload shit then you need to ban like 50 % of the registred acc on that sites to make it fair

so i got a question for you garry is it fair to ban people that uploading something good instead to ban most of the users that spam the site with useless crap

i got a suggestion can be like a site for uploads that has ben put effort on and have one other site that people can upload whatever they want to do. sorry if some of the spelling is bad. english writing is not my best skill…