Lovely, I got banned.

A Loser Complaint About His Stupid Act And Get Banned!!! Muhahahhahahahaah How Retard Those Teen Kids Has!!!
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(User was banned for this post ("Shitposting and flaming" - Starpluck))

Advanced duplicator shouldn’t actually be uploaded to as it is a SVN addon by the wire team.

right-on man!
this kid got what he deserved, cause hes a fuckin retard.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Starpluck))

He didn’t really deserve to get banned. His downloads should have been at least taken off. Maybe he wasn’t aware of this new rule to Also calling the OP a retard won’t get you any where. Especially since your grammar is horrible, along with Elite5555’s grammar too. I’m Sure Adults Don’t Type Like This, Nor Do They Go Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


Never mind.

I thought he wasn’t being sarcastic, maybe he is, but if he isn’t then I agree with GMgregster, also your right, mature adults don’t go **Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. **I mean I’m 15, but I don’t go around insulting people with my views, and certainly dont finish it off by saying **Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. **If you want my view, its pathetic.

well i know that but anyways whats the point if you cant show off your wire stuff. i know you can use it on singleplayer to save your stuff but you cant upload it to the site

Did you miss the part where your site would be a few html files without the great users and content thats uploaded to it.

It would be lovely if you could think of a system to rate files, and remove ones that have bad ratings, or some sort of system, going strait to ban is to harsh.

Its not like a good adv dupe is more then a few KB.

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Just to make sure i have every thing right here:
No “Advanced Duplicator Saves”,
No Game “Saves”,
No “Expressions”,
Nothing “Wiremod” related,
No Porn,
And nothing you didn’t make…

Now that i said all of that dose that include viruses that I have made? (Concluding if i knew how to make a virus)

EDIT: I sure am glad that they are removing the adv. dupes, does any one really go through the hassle to load them up just to play with one little thing?

Some people do, because that “one” thing is really awesome and you can do lots of things with it.

So I see some people are for but most like to keep the dupes.

I should think a voting system would work better than arguing, since it’ll output the community’s ideas on things, because if garry deletes all the dupes, then that’ll leave behind all the crap SWEPs and poorly-made maps 'n such.

Crappy sweps and poorly made maps take more work to make and therefore will naturally be much less of them then of adv dupes plus forces people to learn to become useful if they want to upload to

I think it’s funny that Garrys is such a big headed dumb cunt he doesn’t even know his own rules and throws his power around like such a power hungry shit dick he puts the crisis in Libya to shame. Get fucked, shit for brains. You should change your title from “Totally awesome” to “Totally a douche”. It would be a lot more fitting for a person of your standards.

(User was permabanned for this post ("I'm guessing you want to be banned" - garry))

A quote that goes really well for garry’s position “I am the law”

Oh and also what do you care? he made a game that allows people to makes games withing a game… within that game. Its like inception of games.

It’s like the cheap whore of games, actually. Especially now a days how Gmod is plagued with SERIOUS RP servers.

Oh yeah, I know.
I got banned for breathing once!
Never did I do this again.
TO be honest, most people here are trolls ( Apologies to any one who is not!).
And Garry, your forum is AWESOME, but its not your fault.
He cannot stop immature people signing up on this forum, its just the mentality it can attract!

But where would we be if gmod never existed besides all studying in school and inventing new stuff to better the world in the best possible ways? Oh well, worth it.