"Lovin this Zombie Apocalypse" (Shotgun Muzzle Test)


Took ages to upload this for some reason.
I am not going to keep up dating it like the other ones.
C&C As always please.

Super DoF if you are ever going to use DoF.

It’s nice but the DoF and Fingerposing are meh.

Not bad, but needs some smoke. And I think the “flash” should be wider.

Kind of like the muzzle flash. Reminds me of the older shootgun models and ammo with older powder mix. Looked like a freaking chimney on fire when you discharged them.

looks very fucking wierd

the flash would fit perfectly if it was a flamethrower


If you replaced the double-barrel with a black powder rifle it would fit.

But we love boomstick :’(

is that supposed to be a flamethrower?

If the zombies didn’t run and could only shuffle, I would like a zombie apocalypse too.

You people have never seen a real shotgun at night. They make a muzzle flash like that, it make them like that because the Wad of paper the seperates the powder and the shot smolders and brakes apart as it flys off… but then again if its a plastic wad it dosn’t.

The finger posing is terrible.

It doesn’t matter what’s realistically accurate. What matters is what looks good.

Claps at Vman

The gun model was very small.