Loving the Battlefield Rust Servers!

Here is a video of me on the Battlefield Rust server, i am liking the idea of these PVP servers!

Its a shame people keep throwing the word hacker around just because they died to a headshot :confused:

ive put it as link because the video tags were being weird

Use video tags

I have, its not having it

Don’t us https

There you go:

Obviously hacking on the video! Jk, you got some nice shots! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta say, the battlefield servers are the best place to practice aim for rust.

I appreciate the comment haha

what are you doing in this video ?

awesome video, i want such skillzzz too!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

What is this server’s IP? That’s how I can join it right?

You should try joining one of the battlefield servers where everyone spawns next to eachother and its just one big constant free for all

Oh nice whats the ip to one of those?

That thing at the top is awful

Well, it appears that if I compare my shooting skills with yours…I have no shooting skills.

Nicely done with the kill streak!

Personally, I can’t stand the holo sight. I’d like to see how you shoot with the iron sights.

Haha, i just find the iron sight blocks too much of the view of the target, love the holo :slight_smile:

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It was just experimental

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Haha, just practice!

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Running around like a headless chicken shooting anything that moved…

What’s fun/interesting about this ?

Especially if you tend not to gunplay as much in normal servers. I only fight when I have to. Battlefield servers have helped me heaps with my shooting! :slight_smile:

I agree this doesnt appeal to everyone, bit i just find it good practice.

I only just got rust as I got into my old.playrust.com account finally to get my Steam Key.

A lot has changed… and I am going to try out one of these servers now :slight_smile: