Low amount of players

idk how the things are about US servers but here on the East we see lots of servers with 20 or less players on each. Sure it cause no interest to play on almost empty map.
Doesn’t the Developers think to close all community servers and make 30-50 official servers all over the world?


That sounds like a terrible idea. People should be able to run their own servers according to their own rules, and at this stage in development, it’s not worth the devs’ time to look after 50 official servers. The official servers are used to gather testing data.

Right now, updates tend to force wipes every week, so there isn’t a lot of permanence, that’s something that’s keeping a lot of players away. That will change in time.

People bought servers hoping they would get lots of players. So there are tons of empty servers left from people doing that. In legacy, at least, on most servers it was very hard to keep a population for any amount of time.