Low FPS at Lowest Settings

Web Browser: Google Chrome
Processor: AMD Athlon II P320 Dual-Core 2.1GHz
RAM: 4 gigs
Graphics Card Radeon HD 545v/Mobility Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series
Everything is updated to latest drivers and etc etc.
I heard using Opera works because Chrome doesn’t use your “powerfull graphics card”

I would strongly recommend you to use Firefox.


Could you explain how Firefox is better for Unity 3D on the web than Google Chrome?, if that’s okay with you.

Well frankly I can’t really explain it but since I used both of them and still do have them both, I could say that based on wath I ve experienced Firefox was better. No crash, smoth and the memory cash seems to be better working.

Hope that helped,

Quite good explanation, one last question. With smooth do you mean no 7 fps?

Ofc, if there are no BIG buildings it’s more than 50 fps.

So in other words Firefox seems to add fps compared to Chrome.

While rust isn’t very optimized right now and runs slower than it should, your computer is uh… pretty slow I’m surprised it runs at all

What Helk said, Rust is horribly unoptimized right now, but your PC is not capable of running it either way. You should probably considering upgrading if you want to play games. (browser games =/= low graphics/low PC reqs)

Firefox results: Still shitty FPS.

Testing Opera right now.

Part of Rust’s low framerate is also caused by Unity’s web player. Once we have a standalone client it’ll be a big performance boost outta nowhere.

Great news from a great guy~