There are many people asking for help in the chat about crashing and low fps and so on so I thought I would make this thread to help you guys out. Chrome doesn’t work well with this game, and everybody I have met that has the crashing error has been running this game on chrome. I love chrome, so I tried to run the game in chrome. My FPS was under 15 on the lowest awesome level (sweet name) and lowest resolution. An awesome somebody told me to use another browser like firefox. I started playing on firefox and I had above 50 FPS on the highest settings.

The only problem is that the download is somewhat messed up on Firefox if you are switching from using chrome. IF YOU CANNOT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD UNITY FOR FIREFOX -

  1. Uninstall Unity

  2. Download Unity on Firefox (close the tab you are using to download Unity afterwards)

  3. Make sure no chrome processes are running

  4. Click the Firefox button on the top left

  5. Click addons

  6. Enable Unity web player (you may need to enable everything idk yet)

I really hope this helped :smiley:

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Crap somebody already made this thread. I will just let it be incase any of you are having trouble installing Unity for Firefox, or have a low FPS.