Low FPS Fix

I saw so many posts about this today I figured it is time to have a dedicated thread for it.

Press F1 in game and type “grass.on false”. Press enter.

You should now have 2x the FPS and the ability to see all those bandits who have been shooting you in the back. :slight_smile:


FullScreen(With a lower resolution)
and when you see the Rust. Launcher you put the Graphics Quality to Fastest
and you lower the render in-game also.

[All this if you really need FPS]

Theres other advanced options with messing with your Graphics Card Control Panel, but don’t do it ahah.

These are some fantastic in-depth tutorials. Thanks guys!

Also, if you want a HUGE fps improvement you should try NOT playing the game. If you simply REMAIN at your desktop, you should see anywhere from 20-200 more FPS! Simple, but effective!

You’d get even more FPS if you killed the process “explorer.exe”!

People are rude. Some of us can’t afford 1000 dollar computers.

I have been asked how to do this well over 10 times just today.