Low FPS in Gmod

I have a very low fps in Gmod and I have no idea how to fix it. I have a pretty godly computer, yet it has a lower FPS than my shitty 2004 Dell.

Nvidia Geforce 9800 GX2 Graphics Card
Intel Core 2 Quad 9550 @ 2.83 Ghz

Resolution doesn’t do anything at all and V-sync is off.

Would lag have anything to do with my fps? Because in-game my net_graph says my ping is around 100 and my fps is 10, but when I press TAB it says my ping is 7.

whats your OS

lol gx2 is not bad is just not very good… my 275 maxes at 60-65FPS…


its fairly good i guess… but my 9500GT had problems with gmod on low settings so…

Did you have the problem then you start any map game sets to low settings ?

Make your dxlevel lower. It worked for me.

Update the drivers. A 9800 should have no problems AT ALL to run it.
I can run it on maximum settings with my fucking 7600GT for christ’s sake!

maybe if you like lying and/or have 2 FPS

When net_graph is off does the lag go away? I have an issue with net_graph 3 and 2 that causes my fps to get very low. But when i use net_graph 1 i have no lagg with a fps reading of around 600Fps…

Yeah, I bought a new PC :slight_smile: i7 @ 2.8Ghz With a GTX 285…

Hahaha, No. 140FPS on empty flatgrass, around 40-60 on empty construct.

You’re stupid.

I’m running everything at max settings, 1440x900, and 2x anti-aliasing with my 8600M GT. Notice the M. Yes, that is my laptop, so Rixxz2, don’t mind fools who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

lildragon, with your computer you should VERY easily run gmod at max settings at a constant 60fps or more. Update your display drivers, as Rixxz2 said, and maybe download and run this program: http://www.iobit.com/advancedwindowscareper.html occasionally.

  • David

Yep, you should be able to play it with an constant 100+ FPS.

@Kingman: My OS is Windows Vista Ulimate SP1
@mescool15: Wouldn’t lowering the DXLevel make it worse?

I’m updating my drivers right now, then I’ll see if it still is horrible. I can play all the other Source Games at Max settings and have 150 FPS or so, but Gmod is the one weird one. -.-

Edit: I wish I had an i7 core. A month after I built my computer the i7 came out and I was all “AWW MAN!” Also, GTX 295 =D

If the drivers ain’t solving it, have you tried reinstalling GMod?

  1. Is the framerate flat or hiccuping between good and bad?
    1A. If it hiccups, try checking out what you are looking at For example, my awesome end-of-'08 XPS can’t look at the Main Island from Cave Island on Gms_Atoll without getting around 11-14 FPS.
    1B. If it is flat, install the trial version of FRAPS. It’s free and it’s always better to double check - I found that Source’s FPS info reads wrong a lot.


Just had to say that reinstalling GMod rarely fixes stuff. I had a really bad problem and I tried deleting the local files of GMod, and then reinstalling using Steam. If that’s what you mean, it does not fix a thing. It’s not even a real reinstall!

The drivers helped a little bit and I’ve already reinstalled gmod yesterday. My favorite map is rp_downtown_v2 and it’s really hard to play with low fps.



maybe on ultra low… that’s what my 275 gets on highest… rofl


ur running it @ 800X600

And on f**kn topic…

Depends largely on what you’re looking at… just the grass may be 500+FPS but the grass, spawnpoint, sky, etc will kill your video card.

… I give up.

You probably should check the performance of that card, it seems to be broken.

Either that or you’re just trolling.

Seems to be?

Most likely.

… well it might be. because people that have a worse computer than me in every way are getting more 3dmarks from 3dmark06