Low FPS on a good computer

So I’ve used Gmod for years now, it alway ran well but now um geting serious FPS problems

and it was out of no were, one day it was good, the next BAM 15-25 fps

I7 860 @ 2.8ghz
nVidea 470gtx
8gb RAM
Win7 home premium 64bit service pack 1

I tried removing all my addons, verifying the cache, defraging.

Its so weird, BF3 is no problem (40-60fps) w/ my rig :tinfoil:

On which map?
Also, I’d recommend you to try a FPS check on the Gmod Beta.

all of them, some are better then others

rp_meckleberg_v2 runs especially bad

and i have the same problem on gmod beta

Well, I don’t see an obvious reason why it would go that worse just one day.
Did you try updating your drivers?

Your graphic card drivers might be outdated. Keeping your driving card updates up-to-date is necessary to get the latest bugfixes and performance updates. You could also try running the latest windows updates.

Common driver websites

Other updates
Windows Update

Nvideas drivers are up 2 date

will try the windows update