low FPS on GT630 M

Hello all,

So I have an GT 630M but even on low settings I get like 20 fps on 720P. Yet on youtube there is a vid where someone plays the new Rust on 30 fps despite having only the 1GB version of it and a i3 CPU while I have the i7 and an 2GB version.

Now I’ve read about people having low fps issue since last update and I was wondering if this was affecting me.

Yes, last update is affecting you. Gotta wait till it’s fixed.

The 630m isn’t that great anyway, my 4 year old laptop has it.

The update did affect it. But maybe you should post the rest of your specs so we can see if its something else :slight_smile:

also depends what version of rust you are running i suppose, given your other thread.

First of all, For the people that read my last thread, this is the legit copy bought from steam.

Full specs:
Intel i7 3610QM 3,3 GHz
nVidia GT 630M 2GB DDR3

Rust is installed on my SSD

I am kind of worried that A update that will make my game play able again may come like months later or something.

Hate to say it, but that graphics card is old. I’m sure you know that. It was in its prime 3-4 years ago, and not even top pier. Do you think that could be the problem?

I have a GT-740M which is not that much more powerful and I get a stable 35-40fps on low-medium settings. So I don’t think it’s only coming from his GC.