Low FPS on MacBook Pro

Hello, Recently I’ve been playing on my MacBook Pro, it has quiet good hardware in it such as a i5 core with 8 GB of RAM. While I’m playing Garry’s Mod I notice really heavy lag even if I’ve changed all the settings to low…

You didn’t specify a model on your MacBook but I’m betting it’s running the Intel HD 4000 gpu. It’s a pretty mediocre GPU but it should be giving you decent fps.
If you’re still getting crap frame-rate after setting all your graphics options to low, it would point to CPU lag. Check your system for viruses/malware and make sure you don’t have a bunch of crap running in the background.

It’s the HD 3000, It’s a little bit less lag when I put all settings on low than on the recommended settings, I will try to bootcamp and see if that fixes the thing. Thanks for responding!