Low FPS on Rust with a Nvidia ? [Improve Tutorial]

**Welcome little Boys and Girl ^^

Now i found a fix, how you get more FPS and reduce the Lag, when u have low FPS or lags.

It helped for me. Tested on a Nvidia Graphiccard ! Not on others !

So its basically really easy.

First Step
You copy & paste the Line in your Rust Steam startparameter

-force-feature-level-9-3 -nolog -force-feature-level-11-0

The Code makes the Sky really buggy but the next step is fixing this bug and give a big/small improve to your FPS ! The buggy sky will go :slight_smile:

Second Step

We go on our Nivida Grapiccard Settings [ I have a German Language PC ! So im sorry for the german words in the screens!

Follow the Instructions on the Screen ! AND FOLLOW CORRECTLY ! ^^


I hope i helped you with your FPS Problem !
Only for NVIDIA Users !

I’ll wait servers be back to test your tutorial,I’ll edit my post when I test it.

isn’t it for geforce 3d video settings?

Its for the Nvidia Graphiccard ^^

How is turning on Anti aliasing going to improve your fps?

I dont know how, but somehow it works in Rust :confused:

why the fuck would you put AA on 32x to improve performance?

This will probably not improve your fps at all if your maxing anti aliasing.


Seems kinda weird its only coming from you since you made the post

this is an old version of nvida control panel.
we need the new version pls

im sure this is the new version but this one is on windows xp might look a different.

ah ok.
that will explain why some few settings aren`t on my control panel

Its Windows 7 but to improve my performance i made it in win xp style ^^

Force feature doesnt do anything for me? no FPS increase and no buggy sky or nothing? someone help?

There is no AA compatibility flag set and AA won’t work without one for Rust, so forcing AA won’t do anything.

If you are looking to force AA, download Nvidia Inspector and use 0x004000c1 as the AA compatibility flag. The flag can be a little blurry.

This is a placebo effect for OP. The launch commands are probably the only thing affecting the games performance, as they are reducing the quality. You need to post your FPS benchmarks to prove your FPS is actually increasing with forcing AA.