Low FPS was fixed and then broken again.

About 18 hours ago the FPS was great, no more 10-15 FPS. I had 45-60 FPS. I load in 12 hours later and it’s gone back to low frames.

There was a few server restarts or crashes, so maybe you had updated something?

What ever you devs did, you fixed it and then broke it.

Whether or not you know, thought I’d mention it.

I have a friend who also noticed the improvement and then back to a lower frame rate.

Atleast I know it’s not my PC that needs the upgrade :slight_smile:


Your settings resetted to default. Change your resolution to the lowest.

Why do people click on Dumb on Tom Millers reaction? It’s true, this game is in an early alpha state to thinks brake etc etc.

My settings have not changed. I set and check them everytime I join the game.

I joined again and got up to 60fps just before, thought I’d test out reset settings/cleaning, so I cleared FF cache,cookies ect and rejoined.
I checked my settings to make sure they were the same as before and I had 15-20 fps…
Maybe it’s just random luck to get good framerate or all depends on how many players on the server.