Low FPS Whit Big Pc

Hi my game lag my config pc is:

i7 3.5Ghz 3770k
8 Gb Ram 1666 Mhz Cross
GTX 650 Ti Boost 2Gb GDDR5
1SSD 180go
Asus Gaming IV Motherborad

My fps is 80 Nothing but a side in the city I have huge drop like 30 FPS!

that’s because rust is unoptimized.

christ, that’s expensive. $3k+ computer?

LOL :smiley: is serious! I dont can play!

didn’t notice until now

i7 4470k
8gb ram
128gb ssd
500gb hhd :frowning:
2x gtx 770 2gb

and i still lag too lol

Well considering the game runs at 60hz you cannot get anymore that 60 fps. Mine stays a solid 60 and drops to 59 ever now and again. I always turn off texture filtering as that causes some horrible lag for me. But the game runs smooth as silk for me.

You should read other forums before posting, alot of people are having low fps because unity is recently buggy with some computers and fine with others.

I have just one gtx 680 with a i7 and 16 gb ram and i’m always at 60 fps except when a big structure is loaded.

16gb is way overkill, I hope you do video editing and rendering…

Not anymore, ram is cheap as fuck nowadays

Just because its “cheap” doesn’t mean its not overkill. For gaming you only need 4gb ram, even 8gb in 2013 is just a little overkill. Unless you record videos of course.

16gb of ram was $100 when i built my 'puter. totally not overkill, futureproofing

Unless your keeping the same computer for another 10-15 years = overkill.

When did you build your time machine to determine such a statement?

its called common sense, and its been proven by alot of game developers that it wont be nearly that much for another 10 years

Any sources of this? people have no idea how fast technology is going to advance, as soon as prebuilt medium spec to low spec machines start getting shipped with more than 4gb of ram people are going to start to take advantage of it very fast.

Aswell as this as soon as 64 bit applications start to become more common having more than 4gb of ram will be easily worthwhile even just for home users.

You obviously have no idea what RAM actually does, and you’ll probably go on google right now to find out and act like you do.

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lol some people just comment and assume stuff without basis or knowing what they’re talking about.

Regardless my G75 and desktop:
2x8 16gb 1600 ddr3
gtx 570 video card

Don’t lag much…or at all…sometimes I get some spikes but that’s due to large buildings being rendered in the distance.

I just downloaded some new RAM and my PC is screaming fast now! Try it!

Do u need 16 gb