Low fps

Hello, i have bad PC, BUT I GETTIN 30-40 FPS IN ARMA 2 OA !!!
If i played Rust i have 10 fps? maybe.
My pc:
Dual Core 2x2.40
2 gb ddr2 (yes, dat me)
graphic card nvidia geforce 7950GT 512 mb, pixel shader 3.0.
There are way, how to increase fps?
I have graphics in lowest, fastest.
Please optimize game OR say me what i must buy in PC :confused:
Sr for my bad Eng :slight_smile:

Buy a new PC.

2 whole GB of ram, nice

DDR2 nonetheless

This is ooooooooooold pc ;d

Your PC is rather rusty.

Thank you. I did :slight_smile:

That was… random?

Sad that rust keys went out to people who can barely even play the game :confused:

Or the gold one-post wonders

The game is in alpha, therefore there will be horrible optimization, people with good rigs will also suffer low FPS, however your current rig is a bit too… shite, tbh. Wait for future patches, or even the full game for improved optimization. :smile:

Your PC is quite rusty, get it? Anyway, I’m not sure exactly how you’re running ARMA on 30-40 FPS, probably at lowest settings. Remember, Rust isn’t optimized very well yet.

Try to use Gamebooseter :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoddy luck - it’s sincerely a shame you can’t play it well. Waste of an alpha position.

For Rust game? hahahahah

You don’t even have the game? How can you comment.

So? It’s a rust, it is on Unity3d, so you tell people to buy a new pc for such a game? rofl, lick balls dude.

Rust is based on CPU right now, your cpu is rubbish. That explains everything!


looking at how awfully your machine handles source that isn’t possible

anyway just lower your games fullscreen resolution (848x480 should do) and play in fullscreen mode
it will look like shit but it will run a lot better

Yeah you need a new computer. You should be bale to run your games at 60 FPS, and play skyrim on the highest difficulties, and have been able to go into Dalaran in WoW:Wraith of the Lichking with perfect FPS. Now THAT’S good computer for us.