Low FPS?!?!

Hey guys, I have recently upgraded from my old crappy Radeon 1gb GPU to a better nVidia Geforce GT730 4gb GPU.
For some reason I haven’t noticed an increase from my 13-19fps.

I have an AMD A8-5600k 4.00Ghz, 8 GB Ram, Geforce GT730 GPU, Some Gigabyte Motherboard.

I’m really confused, mabye my PC is using my intergrated graphics?

730 LOL

Its because of the weather.

AMD CPU just wont do in this game
you could have a GTX980ti… wont matter, game runs on CPU and that lags the shiet out of all AMD cpu users… like you and me

I have fx8350 and it works fine

I have a I7-4700MQ @3,2 GHz and a GT-740M, and although some servers are almost unplayable, I get 25+ fps all the time on most servers, even when it’s raining.

I also have an FX and it cruises along just fine, I have never had an issue with rust playing at a decent FPS and I play with everything on max. I’m not getting 120 FPS by any stretch but it’s always playable and fluid, bottoms out around 30

I have an R9 270 and get 40-50 fps. I dunno, but seems like a reasonable frame rate to me for such an unoptimized game.