Low Framerate issues.

Hello. I’ve a laptop, with i5-3230m, GTX660M, and 8 GB of ram, but I’m struggling at this game on about 25ish FPS on lowest graphics and resolution. I tried running Chrome, Firefox with Nvidia graphics processor by simply rightclicking on it, but it didnt helped. Is there any way to make this game to run at my graphics card? I’m getting even better FPS on ArmA 2 DayZ than on this…

Could it possibly be outdated graphics driver?

Impossible actually. I’m using 320.49

Are you by any places with a lot of buildings? This is the reason for me, and I have a GTX 670.

As someone who doesn’t have the game yet I’ve just got a quick question that might be able to help people.

Is this game being run through an internet browser or an .exe?

Through the internet browser as of now

Gotta keep in mind that in a browser based game, you don’t have it sitting on your HD to be able to have fast loading times. So where your internet might be good for normal everyday use it might not have the ability to keep up with loading the textures.

I’d be confident that if they go to an .exe based game that the majority of lag and frame rate issues are going to smooth out because it won’t be putting all the stress on one system

Any suggestions?

Well, I’m surprised actually as my 11yr old business pc can play at the same fps and settings as you, so good job toaster! But back to the question, Rust is in alpha for a reason and it’s probably some optimization issues, hopefully by the end of the alpha things like this should be ironed out and I’ve heard that laptops struggle when running Rust.