Low Grade Fuel as an ammo type?

Since Fallout 4 is around the corner and a lot of the survival fans are pretty hyped about it I recently had a dream where I was running around in Rust using a laser rifle from Fallout.

Once I woke up it sort of took shape

So what do you guys think, some sort of laser goofy sci-fi weaponry for rust? With an ammo type running off of batteries or maybe low grade?

I actually would really like to see low-grade fuel for something like a flamethrower. I think some type of futuristic laser weapon might be okay in Rust, but it would have to have the right aesthetics (dingy, beatup kind of look) and more of a solid beam that takes batteries you could charge using your generator kind of thing. Maybe have it with bonuses against certain armour/buildings and penalties vs. others.

i like the idea of a flamethrower. but laser guns are so far out of concept with rust, i just can’t support it.

it’s a pretty good design, just not for rust.

Futuristic… Laser… Guns… in… RUST???

What the hell did I just read?

Oh, wait. It’s just a nightmare.

As for Flamethrower, why not, but a molotov coktail would also be good then. Makes sense with low grade fuel, it’s nearly already built-in.

What I had more in-mind would be more of using an industrial strength laser to cut through doors, like a type of siege weapon. It would take power plugged into it, or charged batteries, and would be vulnerable to attack, but could be one of the best ways to cut through metal walls, could use it to kill players at well, but wouldn’t really be as effective at that.

I can’t lend my support on that laser idea. Lowgrade as an ammo for traps would be nice. Medieval style pots of hot oil, fondue anyone?

low grade fuel as ammo only would fit for this gun :smiley:


We already have fuel and burning mechanics in the game, just add a weapon!