Low Mac FPS... with a twist.

I am currently playing (or trying to) on a 15" Macbook Pro with Retina Display (http://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/specs-retina/). When on OSX (using Chrome/Safari/Firefox) I get less than 10 FPS on the lowest settings, not to mention the tremendous input latency. Yet when I switch to Windows 7 (on the SAME MACHINE using BootCamp) I can play on max with out any problem in the slightest.

Has anyone fixed a low FPS problem on their Mac? If so… how?

I’m open to speculation and trolling, after all this is a forum…


I am currently experiencing the same difficulties when on OSX. Switching to a Windows OS using bootcamp doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

I actually saw Smallrice’s post, he didn’t mention his discrete graphics card so I was unsure of his situation; whether he has an older generation Macbook or he meant Air. I also don’t know the actual toll this game is supposed to take on a computer, with an i7 and 650(m) there is no excuse whatsoever as far as hardware.

And yeah its worth it if you have a copy of Windows laying around.

Not 100% sure whats going on with all the crashing, bugs ect. Some people with AMD and MACS are fine with the game, while other’s are having issues no matter what they do. If using windows helps run it on that.

Luckily I do have a copy of Windows laying around. Thanks for basically the temporary solution to my problem, hopefully they fix the problems that the OSX is having soon.

See?? PC spec cost: 400$ (maximum) logo and os cost 1100$

6Gbs on a laptop, desktop grade AMD GPU, and a quad core i5 at 3.1 Ghz, and a 64bit OS.
This laptop cost me $700. The equivalent mac would have cost 10 000.

  • a half eaten apple + 1k

+100 for every update.

Solution: Get a real computer. :wink:

Good thing I didn’t buy this computer for the exclusive purpose of games. Good luck finding me a PC with these specs, that is this thin (.6"), has this long of battery life, has a more qualitative operating system (in essence OSX), and a 2880x1800 display.

Again, find me a new laptop with these specs for *"$400" and we’ll talk. And most of a Mac’s cost comes from hardware quality and RND.

That’s funny, my computer has far superior specs and didn’t cost nearly $10,000; and it doesn’t have the shelf life of a month-old gallon of milk. And if your laptop does have a “desktop grade” GPU, it must weigh 20lbs and be 4" thick; it is not “desktop grade” if the GPU model ends in “m”.

Nice try guys, better luck next time.

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Well I hope you all love your semi-quarterly thrown together piles of plastic, or in layman’s terms, “PC”. Windows fanboy’s are so narrow minded about quality and efficiency… it’s borderline autistic.

If your referring to a desktop as a “real computer”: I know, I miss my rig :/.
Else: read-up.

lol thats a bad solution, Macs are better in my opinion, Macs are good but not created to play games.

they created to shot how rich are you and how dumb to buy a piece of crap

This is a bloody rust forum, can we not argue about what computer is a piece of junk and what is the best in your opinion. We all have our own opinions and im glad you express yours but seriously. I’m not a mac user, and I love windows/microsoft but I also have apple products and i’m actually quite happy with both of the company’s, and don’t mind supporting both of them.

Can we please get back on the topic of Rust?

If you can’t put a thought together in a relatively coherent sentence, then you can’t tell someone they’re dumb. Making an investment in a quality product does not even remotely imply that someone is rich.

No, it does not weigh 20 pounds, and no, it does not end in “m.”
The shelf-life of my laptop has been one year and still going strong. I take good care of my laptop by cleaning it and replacing the heatsink gel pads every now and again.

The topic of this subforum is Rust, not My fucking OS/computer/laptop maintenance routine is better than yours, you idiots.

Stop with the OS holy wars, it’s pointless and retarded. If you don’t have something to say about Rust running on Mac OS, fuck off from this thread.

kylesnav, it’s very likely a difference in the graphics optimization present in the Unity Player built for Mac versus the Unity Player built for Windows, and how well the player can use the GPU/drivers in each OS. That, or Rust’s optimizations are primarily based on Windows and aren’t properly tuned for Mac yet, perhaps. Even though the game can run on both systems, they are not handling it exactly the same, and that’s a non-intuitive side effect of moving from OS to OS.