Low or high graphical settings?

In my opinion those who complain about frame rates are snobs!!! Or a lot of gamers that doesn’t know anything about the history of virtual gaming, real NOOBS in realty :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

But I think, if the game gives low and high graphical settings, the game should be playable in every setting they’ll give. And I don’t think ALPHA should be an excuse. If a game is in alpha every graphical setting they’ll give you, should be playable. Why I’m saying this? Because Alpha games are getting the new standard of "steam (Valve) ". I don’t find this ridiculous, but every given graphical setting should always be playable! So you don’t have any problem to play the game. Your graphics in low settings may not be a problem to play any ALPHA game at steam.

And the real gamer doesn’t have to see how much frame rate he’s getting. The real gamer should comment about the game play the devs give him.

Low frame rates and unoptimized games suck and put you at a literal disadvantage, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Graphical settings aren’t a gameplay choice, I have to play on medium because the game isn’t optimized well and I have an older built, not because I choose to.

Nice to know, somebody has no problem to play at medium setting :wink:
But I’m reading here an at steam forums many complains about frame rates. Not thinking, they’re right, but if they were, the game should be playable at low settings.

I’m not playing this game at low setting, because I don’t need to. But If I need to? Shouldn’t it be playable?

And I’m not saying this to you personally, but every beneficiary of this game can say otherwise… and you are a gold member in this forum. Not saying I don’t really trust you. But, hey, why shouldn’t I?

If you really read through these posts you would’ve realised that 90% of the people that complain about FPS issues either:
1: Are trying to play a very graphically intense game on an absolute potato.
or 2: Have hardware related issues, or they have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to computers and most of the time don’t even realise they’re computers are using they’re shitty on board graphics.